Sealcoating – What’s It All About?

Asphalt is everywhere. Did you ever wonder why it has to be repaired or replaced? The property that comprises asphalt is viscous dark, bituminous pitch, a form of semi-solid or liquid petroleum blended with gravel or sand.

Asphalt is mainly used in road construction, parking lots and driveways. Sealcoating is a bituminous mixture in liquid form used to protect asphalt and “seal” surfaces.

The Benefits of Sealcoating

One of the biggest benefits of sealcoating is that asphalt paving lasts far longer than un-coated paving. Other benefits of sealcoating include:

  1. Weatherproofing agents that prevent penetration of water.
  2. Less sun damage due to reduced oxidation.
  3. Aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  4. Economical cost savings

Narberth Paving Company – Sealcoating Professionals

The Narberth Paving Company, located at 502 Rockavon Road in Narberth, Pennsylvania has a staff of professionally trained paving and sealcoating experts. Whether your sealcoating project is for your business or residence, you can increase your property value by having your driveway or parking lot protected with sealcoating.

Narberth Paving Company has earned a reputation as one of Pennsylvania’s leading paving contractors with a variety of services available for commercial and residential needs.

Why Choose Narberth Paving Company?

When you search for sealcoating experts, experience and reputation should be a priority. Compare Narberth Paving Company’s industry status to competitors. Narberth has a record of timely, cost-effective sealcoating services. Your sealcoating projects are efficient and completed on time, every time. This is the benchmark of excellence Narberth Paving Company adds to their experience and reputation. The professional staff prides itself on excellent customer service from the moment of order to full and final customer satisfaction, the most important reason to choose Narberth Paving Company for sealcoating work.

Why is Sealcoating Necessary?

Sealcoating is a great way to ensure longer lasting asphalt and has become a necessity in high traffic areas. However, it is easy to determine when it is time for commercial or residential sealcoating. If paving looks worn or dull, sealcoating is necessary. However, a newly paved area also needs sealcoating for added protection. Simply contact the experts at Narberth Paving Company at (610) 664-0307 for an inspection and an estimate. You can also email your inquiries to

The friendly staff of professionals will assist with setting up an inspection of the areas where sealcoating will add curb appeal and protect your investment in paving and asphalt. With the new “designer” pavers and stepping stones in gardens, outdoor kitchens and swimming pool areas, sealcoating reduces slippery surfaces.

Contact Narberth Paving Company today to discuss how the benefits of sealcoating.