Sidewalks Repair and Maintenance


A sidewalk is a dedicated walkway that is separated from the street and vehicle traffic by a raised curb. Pedestrians and drivers alike prefer sidewalks, and the greater this separation from the road and vehicle traffic, the greater the comfort level by both drivers and pedestrians. In cities with heavy pedestrian traffic, wider sidewalks accommodate many people while still providing store front access to businesses. A growing trend toward multi-use communities has brought forth more sidewalk space in cities across the country.

Sidewalks are safe paths to walk to work, go for a run, or take the dog and baby for a stroll. Sidewalks are an extension of the street, but they provide so much more than just safety for pedestrian traffic.

  • Safety: Dedicated walkways provide safety for pedestrians and drivers with fewer vehicle accidents and pedestrian injuries and deaths
  • Mobility: Sidewalks offer a safe pathway for non-drivers to walk to public transportation, school, work and businesses
  • Health: Areas with safe walking pathways promote exercise and a healthier lifestyle
  • Property values: Sidewalks enhance neighborhoods, provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance and bring neighbors and communities together

The first use of sidewalks in the United States is documented to 1870 in Newark, New Jersey. While early construction involved sheet asphalt placed over a concrete foundation, today’s sidewalk involves more sophistication and technology.

A sidewalk should be at least four inches thick if used solely for pedestrian traffic. A sidewalk where vehicle traffic crosses over should be at least six inches thick for residential use and eight inches in commercial and industrial use areas.

Choosing a Paving Company

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